Saturday, January 25, 2014

Walk In Crawl Out Leg Workout

Yay! Finally got to come home for a weekend and hit the gym with some real weights. Dont get me wrong, I love doing home workouts, but its nice to go in, pick up and set down some heavy things or as Raymond says "walk in, fuck shit up, crawl out", and thats exactly how I felt after last nights workout. We found the workout on and then tweaked it a little to fit us better.

Important tip for this workout: FORM FORM FORM! Thats it! Dont lift TOO heavy that your form goes bad, but lift heavy enough that the last 2 reps are HARD. If you have someone who can spot you, use them, that way you can go heavier.


Warm-Up: HIIT Workout 20:10, repeat twice (9 minutes total)
  • squat jump
  • side plank leg lift (right)
  • side plank leg lift (left)
  • high knees
  • v-up
  • frogger
  • lunge kick (right)
  • lunge kick (left)
  • burpees (no pushup)
Do 1 warmup set of barbell squats prior to starting your sets

The last set of the first 4 exercises is done as a drop set (perform your previously used weight until failure, then drop off one set of plates(about 30% of what youre lifting) and immediately go again until failure
  • Barbell squats: 4x6-8
  • Single Leg Press 3x6-8 each leg
  •  Machine leg extensions 3x6-8
  • Romanian(straight leg) deadlift 4x6-8
  • Swissball hamstring curls 3 sets to failure each time
  • Cable crunches 3x20
  • Plank 3x1min

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