Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Burpout (Burpee Workout)

I was inspired! I had the urge to write a workout that was mostly composed of burpees. I had a feeling I was going to hate myself once I started the workout but it really wasnt that bad. I had a client today who was up for the challenged and so we did the workout together. It only took us about 20 minutes but we were both pretty exhausted afterwards. I had just eaten Qdoba an hour earlier so beans and rice were still floating around in my stomach. I was afraid it was literally going to be a burp-out haha. With the hour spin class I took yesterday, I was afraid for my leggies and that they were going to be sore. We made it through and debating doing it again but decided against it haha. Maybe next time. Anyways, the workout consists of various kinds of burpees, all the burpees incorporate the jump with the exception of the last set, you can choose to do pushups with all the burpees but I put "no PU" by the ones we didnt do pushups with, but its really up to you. By the end of the workout you will have done 100 burpees, and if you choose to do it again, then make that 200. Its not incredibly hard but its good enough to work up a nice sweat. So enjoy!

The ‘Burp’out

  • 60 sec jumping jacks
  • 60 sec high knees
  • 60 sec jumping jacks
  • 60 sec high knees
  • 10 burpees-no pushup(noPU)
  • 10 double crunches
    • start laying down flat, raise your upper body and your knees and meet in the middle
  • 10 right diagonal burpees-no PU
    • jump you legs out to the side instead of straight back
  • 10 left diagonals
  • 15 toe touches
  • 10 single leg burpees with pushup-alternating legs
    • jump back with one leg in the air
  • 20 flutter kicks
  • 6 arcs of pendulum mountain climbers
    • these are a new invention of mine
    • start with your legs out to the side like in the diagonal burpees and start mountain climbing and work your way all the way across to the other side following a half-circle path. make sure as you mountain climb your knees are always punching to the front even when your legs are out to the side
  • 20 bicycle crunches
  • 10 burpees with pushup
  • 15 each side- sidelying V-ups
  • 10 alternating diagonal burpees-noPU
  • 25 crunches
  • 10 burpees with jumping jack legs when down-noPU
    • after you jump you legs back, jump your legs apart and then back together like a jumping jack
  • 10 straight leg raises
  • 10 burpees with inchworm up-noPU
    • I actually didnt really like this one, but its a nice 'rest' and stretch
    • jump you legs back but instead of jumping your legs forward, walk your feet up keeping your legs straight until you get as close to your hands as possible and then stand up
  • 25 russian twists
  • 20 burpees no PU and no jump

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