About Us

We are Raymond and Christina Smith, and that little furry thing is our dog Sadie.
Together we decided to live a healthier lifestyle. We are not going to be young forever so what a better time to start living than now.

A little more about each of us:

I have a degree in Exercise Science and am just about to finish school and graduate with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Exercising has always been a passion of mine but I just recently started getting more involved with it. I ran track in college so I was used to working out on a daily basis but now that that's over, I had to take control myself. Its hard to keep track of all our workouts and new recipes we liked, so it was my idea to start a blog of our own as well as it being a way to motivate us to stay on the healthy track :)

I just got out of the Navy after being in for 5 years. I am now going to college for Mechanical Engineering. Being on deployments where I felt all there was to do to keep me sane was working out, it really became a passion of mine. Ive always had a naturally fast metabolism so I could eat whatever I have not had to worry about gaining weight. Ive actually had the opposite problem; I tend to lose weight if I dont eat a lot. However, I want to be healthier from the inside out, and that means fueling my body with healthy and nutritious foods. I know it will be hard, but together with my wife, I know we can do it and we will feel better about ourselves in the end :)

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