Monday, January 27, 2014

Booty/Cardio Supersets

Alas, another leg day. My legs were still pretty sore after Friday's leg workout, but it will be a while before I can get back into the gym to lift heavy so I went for it again. Found this workout on too and tweaked it some to fit me better. The workout consists of 5 supersets, one exercise and one cardio. Each superset is repeated 3-4 times, I only did 3 today because of time constraints. It was a great workout thought, kept my heart rate up and my legs a pumpin :)

Warmup: HIIT workout 50:10
  • burpees
  • deadbug v-ups
  • warrior 3 tap down (right)
  • warrior 3 tap down (left)
  • rotating side plank crunch/push up
  • russian kicks
  • russian twist
  • single leg table bridge ups(right)
  •  single leg table bridge ups(left)
  • high knees
Workout: Complete each superset 3-4x with as little rest between as possible
Superset 1:
  • 15 Barbell Plie Squat
  • 1 min jumping jacks
Superset 2:
  • 12-15 Sumo Deadlift
  • 1 min mountain climbers
Superset 3:
  • 12-15 each leg Single Leg Press(the last set I did double leg press with more weight)
  • 1 min burpees
 Superset 4:
  • 12-15 Romanian(straight leg) deadlift
  • 1 min jumping jacks
Superset 5:
  • 12-15 swissball ham curls
  • 1 min side to side bosu shuffle

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