Monday, October 7, 2013

Body Blitz Week 9

Week 9, Day 1

The following will be supersets, only rest when rest is indicated, and can rest between exercise groups

  •   3x(8 lat pulldowns/12 burpees/45s rest)
  • 4x(10 reverse pushups/20 mtn climbers/30s rest)
  • 3x(8 barbell curls/15 side squat jumps(squat and jump as far as you can to one side)/45s rest)
  • 4x(8 bentover row/30(180 turn) squat jumps/45 s rest)
  • 3x(10 close grip rows/20 box jumps/30s rest)
  • 3x(25 crunches/25 bicycle crunches/25 DB overhead crunches)

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