Sunday, June 30, 2013

Why Hello Again, Nice to See You.

It's been a while, that's for sure. Came home to do a summer clinical and haven't posted a darn thing since.  Haven't done a ton since then either =(  But now that my clinical is coming slowly to an end, it's time to get back on track, and we're going to do it a slightly different way from now on:
As the chaos in our life begins to pick up, and we both start to have more busy days, we're not going to be posting a bunch of ooey gooey stuff saying how awesome or delicious a workout or recipe is (we already know that part lol). Instead, we will be posting the workout, or the recipe and thats about it. If you need explanation of things, we don't mind to explain, just write a comment. And also, figure I should probably put this part in big bold letters: NOT EVERYTHING WE POST IS STUFF WE MADE UP OURSELVES, SOME WORKOUTS/RECIPES ARE ONES WE HAVE FOUND ONLINE MADE BY OTHERS. Now, with that being said, we do not consider ourselves to be claiming workouts/recipes as our own just because we don't list where we got the recipe. Truthfully, we dont always remember who originally made up them, as we copy the recipe/workout onto our computer and then that's it. This blog is now a collection or workouts/recipes for OURSELVES, so that we have all our things in one place. The internet is a free place and you can find the same recipe or workout probably by 5 different people, so we're sorry if we offend anyone by not putting their name by the recipe/workout that we found on the free WWW.

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