Tuesday, May 7, 2013

99's Workout

Ugh, these finals are killing me. Just finished 5/6 today. I tried to study this morning when I woke up but I just couldnt make it happen so I decided to hit the gym instead. Because Ive been spending all my time studying, I havent really had time to design workouts, so today's workout is Pinterest inspired, Christina altered. I like to try different types of workouts so now was my time for it. This is basically an ab workout. I was pretty sweaty when I was done because I was going through it so fast since I had my final starting soon. Still took me about 45 minutes though. Enjoy!

99's Workout

Each of the following exercises will be done in a circuit. First complete 99 of everything, then 88..77..66..55..44..33..22..11. For the chair pose and the plank, it is done in seconds instead of reps.
  • Jumping jacks
  • Crunches
  • Chair pose(squat position with feet together and arms above head) (seconds)
  • Straight leg raises/ Hip lifts(do 10 SLR then 10 hip lifts, keep alternating til you get to the rep number)
  • Plank(seconds)

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