Tuesday, April 23, 2013

P90Xish Abs

Spin class this morning was great as usual but I wanted to do a little core afterwards. I decided to bring out some P90X but I altered most of the exercises so I call it my own, inspired by P90X. Doing any kind of full situp tends to rub my tailbone the wrong way and is really uncomfortable so thats the main reason I altered. Raymond is currently doing my chest, tri, cardio workout so we'll see what he thinks of the 120 burpees throughout the workout lol. Anyways, here's the abs:

P90Xish Abs

*25 reps each exercise with as little rest between as possible
  •  Double Crunches
  • Isometric Hold Bicycles(25 each leg)
    • sit in the position as if you were doing a V-up and keep your chest up and move your legs like riding a bike, no twist side to side like in normal bicycle crunches
  • Isometric Hold Reverse Bicycles(25 each leg)
    • same thing but pedal backwards
  •  Double Crunches with Arm Flies
    • double crunch but as you are down 'flat' your arms are out and when you crunch in, bring your arms in around legs
  •  Wide Leg Pendulum Situps
    • sit with legs in a wide V, instead of sitting straight up, youre coming up towards each side making and arc with your upper body while 'rolling' side to side on your butt with your tailbone as a pivot
  • Dead bugs(26 total)
  • Butterfly Raise with Hip Lift
    • legs in a butterfly stretch position, raise legs in air and lift hips off ground
  • Vertical straight leg hip lifts
  • Rollup Vups
    • legs straight out, sit up to touch toes and then when coming back down let your legs rise up and do a v-up (rollup is 1, v-up is 2)
  • Side Ab V-ups(25 each side)
  • Isometric deadbug toe touches(13 each side)
    • one leg vertical, the other leg parallel but not touching floor and then do toe touches
  • Russian Twists

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