Monday, April 22, 2013

A Little Chest, Tri and Cardio

This weekend I didnt get to workout at all, and last night we took the dogs on a walk, so other than that I felt a little lazy. I decided I would get up early and hit the gym before class so I have more time to study for finals after class. Man, when I got to the gym this morning, I was beginning to question my thought process haha. I was a little out of it but now that Im home, Im really glad that I went. So this workout, I needed to do a chest and tri workout, but also wanted it to be more demanding but didnt want to do it HIIT style, so I added burpees instead. I used the burpees as my tricep component, doing a tricep pushup as I went down. I was kind of hating life during the workout, mainly because I was just so sleepy still haha. I wasnt really feeling my chest that much either, but now that Im done with it, my pecs are shaking whenever I move....guess I did more than I thought lol.

The workout is done in one of my favorite styles, what I call at 10-to-2 workout. You superset 2 exercises going back and forth with as little rest as possible doing 10 reps each, then 8, then 6, then 4, then 2 for a total of 30 reps of each exercise. It will work both muscles hard because of the limited rest and also help to keep your heartrate up and get a great workout in. Anyways, here's the workout:

A Little Chest, Tri and Cardio

Superset the 2 exercises doing reps 10-8-6-4-2
  • Bench press  
    • Burpees with a tricep pushup(PU either every time or every other)
  • Decline bench press  
    • Tricep dips
  • Single arm dumbbell bench press  
    • Burpees with tricep pushup
  • Alternating single leg burpees with a wide pushup(do a pushup everytime)  
    • Tricep kickbacks
  • Cable Flies  
    • Burpees with tricep pushup
Now congratulate yourself on doing 120 BURPEES!!!

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