Monday, March 25, 2013

Quick Butt Workout

When it comes to leg workouts, I get lazy making them up sometimes and especially since I tend to want to slack on my legs since my knees hurt, writing them isnt always my favorite. Tonight I wanted something short, sweet, and too the point. So I adapted this workout from melissa bender fitness. Its just a few quick moves that can be repeated any number of times til you feel youve gotten the workout youd like. Im pretty sore from all the pullups I did in my workout yesterday so this was just something to do so that I didnt do nothing tonight. You can do it body weight or hold dumbbells to make it a little harder. 20 reps each exercise, or just do as many as you can do.

  • Bridge with single leg hip flexion/extension (right)
  • Bridge with single leg hip flexion/extension (left)
  • Sumo Squats(squat and touch hands to floor)
  • Single straight leg deadlift (right)
  • Single straight leg deadlift (left)
  • Multifidus killer(lie on your stomach on a bench or counter, anything you can hold on to. lay with your hips just coming off the edge. keeping legs straight, squeeze your butt and lift your legs up and then continue squeezing with your low back muscles to pull your pelvis off the table)
repeat until youre satisfied

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