Thursday, January 2, 2014

Jan 1st 2014 Workout

Here's the beginning of my new year, new me challenge. I'm about to become super busy with clinicals and working on things for school, so I wont have time to always post workouts and meals, etc, but I'm going to try. Also, because I will be so busy, I have decided to follow someone else's workout plan so that I dont always have to think of workouts I want to do. So with that being said, I am going to be doing Melissa Bender's bikini competition prep workouts. No, I am not planning on doing a bikini competition anytime soon, but that doesn't mean they arent great workouts. Now I will not be following them to a 'tee' and sometimes I have added my own variations into the workouts, so I will post exactly what I do each day if I remember lol. Without further ado, here was my workout for Jan 1.

20 reps each exercise unless noted. Go through workout twice. 
Total time needed: about 30 mins
1. High Knees
2. Weighted Reverse Lunge to Step Up (right)
3. Side Plank  Reach Through (right)
4. Weighted Reverse Lunge to Step Up (left)
5. Side Plank Reach Through (left)
6. Temple Tap Abs
7. Plank Jumps on Forearms
8. Jump Squats
9. Single Leg Hip Thrust (right)
10. Single Leg Hip Thrust (left)

First round took me 15:30 and second round took me 16:00, I used 20lb weights for the lunge stepups

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