Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Slow It Down Abs and Core

Tuesday and Thursday mornings I take a spin class at 6am so I dont usually do another workout except maybe some abs. This morning I decided to do a different kind of ab workout than I usually do. This workout I tend to do quickly for the afterburn at the end of an ab workout, I dont usually do it in and by itself. This morning I decided to slow it down. I did the same ab workout, but instead of doing all the reps quickly, I did a slow contraction up, hold, and slow control back down. I was really feeling my abs at the end. By contracting the muscle for a longer period of time, it really makes the muscles work. I was glad I switched it up :)

Slow It Down Abs and Core
*All the abs are crunches, only the feet/leg position changes
*20 reps of each exercise
*SLOW on the way up, HOLD for 2 seconds at the top, then CONTROL back down
*Keep your chin tucked and dont lead with your neck, concentrate on that abdominal contraction
  • Crunches
    • Legs in table top
    • Put feet down flat
    • Legs in butterfly position
    • Legs out straight
    • Right ankle on left bent knee side crunches
    • Left ankle on right bent knee side crunches
    • Legs straight up-toe touches
  • Core
    • Clam shells-right
    • Clam shells-left
    • Prone hip extension-right
    • Prone hip extension-left
    • Bridges
**REMEMBER-HOLD 2 seconds at the peak of each crunch or core exercise

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