Sunday, April 28, 2013

Crossfit Burpee Squat Stack

It's Sunday, and that means its the beginning of my week, so of course I gotta go hard. I THINK that this workout is a version of a Crossfit workout, but Im not entirely sure, but we'll just go with that it is haha. If it isnt, it probably should be because this bugger kicked my butt! I am DEAD. It feels awesome though. It took me a little under 40 minutes to complete, and I think thats probably because halfway through my knee started bothering me for some reason, that and my wrists were like 'I hate you' haha but either way, I finished it, and Im proud of it :) Its a pretty simple workout(in writing that is) and you want to take as little rest between as you can, but I realize that a little still might be a minute but thats ok, as long as you keep on pushing through :) Alrighty, here it is! :) ENJOY!

Crossfit Burpee Squat Stack

Start with 15 burpees(pushup every other one, or everytime if you think you can handle it) and alternate it with 1 squat press with weight. Then subtract 1 burpee and add one squat press all the way down until you are doing 1 burpee and 15 squat presses.
It will look somewhat like this:
15 burpees
1 squat press
14 burpees
2 squat presses
2 burpees
14 squat presses
1 burpee
15 squat presses

Now wasnt that fun??
You did:
120 burpees(with 60 pushups if you alternated)
120 squat presses
and a whole lot of awesome work!

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