Wednesday, March 20, 2013

P90X Plyometrics

I wasnt feeling inventive today when it came to working out. So I went for an oldie but a goodie. It wasnt as hard as I remembered, but Im probably just in better shape :) Anyways, keeping this short, here's the workout. There are 5 rounds, you get up to a 1 minute break between rounds. During each round the exercises are 30 secs work, 30 sec rest and then each round is completed twice. The whole workout, timewise, is a little over 45 minutes.

P90X Plyometrics

Round 1(8.5 mins)

  • Jump Squats
  • Run stance squats
    • squat with legs staggered like youre getting ready to run, and every fourth squat you jump and face the opposite direction
  • Airborne Heisman
    • like a ski jump side to side and bring your inside knee up as you jump to each side
  • Swing kicks(1 minute)
    • swing legs over a stool or chair
  • Repeat
      Round 2(8.5 mins)
  • Squat reach jump
    • touch floor then reach for the sky when you jump
  • Squat switch pickups
    • run stance squat, touch floor, jump and switch to other side
  • Double airborne Heisman
    • like the heisman from round 1 only do two steps each time instead of just back and forth
  • Circle run
    • run around a towel with head forward whole time, 30 seconds each way
  • Repeat

      Round 3(9.5 mins)
  • Jump knee tucks
  • Jumping lunges
    • lunge and then jump as you switch to a lunge with the other leg
  • Leapfrog squats
    • wide stance, 2 fwd 2 back
  • Twist combo
    • jumping with feet together, point to left, center, right
  • Twist combo 180s
    • jumping with feet together facing one way and then the other back and forth
  • Repeat

      Round 4(8.5 mins)
  • Rockstar hops
    • butt kick jumps at 45 degree angle, 15 seconds each way
  • Gap jumps
    • jump like youre jumping over a creek, do 4 leaps then turn around and go back
  • Squat jacks
    • jumping jacks without arms in a squat position
  • Military march(1 min)
    • opposite arm and leg straight and high, no impact
  • Repeat

      Round 5(8.5 mins)
  • Run squat 180 jump switches
    • squat and then jump as you turn all the way and face the other side
  • Lateral leapfrog squats
    • squat position and then jump side to side
  • Monster truck tires
    • like running through big tires, do about 6 and then go backwards
  • Hot foot
    • calf hops in a circle, 30 seconds each leg
  • Repeat

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