Monday, March 11, 2013

P90X Legs and Back

I dont know if youve ever done P90X before, but if you havent, prepare not to want to walk after this workout. It really should be called legs and pullups, because thats all the back stuff you do in it, so I usually do back another day during the week as well.  But today I did this work plus 8 min abs. If youve never done this workout before, you probably dont want to use any weight. It's been a while since I did it, so I just used 12.5 lb dumbbells. And for pullups, ladies(and some men too I guess) I use one of the exercise bands wrapped around the bar and then put my foot on it so it gives me a little boost but not too much. Do as many pullups as you can and as little rest between all the exercises as possible. But dont forget to drink lots of water!

Warmup-10 min biking
  • Balance lunges(25 reps each side, back leg on a chair)
  • Calf raise squats(25 reps, squat and then come up on toes)
  • Reverse grip chin ups
  • Super skaters(25 reps per side)(bring opposite leg back)
  • Wall sit(90 seconds)
  • Wide front pull-ups
  • Step back lunges(15 each side, do one side at a time)
  • Alternating side lunges(24 times)
  • Close grip overhand pull-ups
  • Single leg squats(1 min, change leg every 10 seconds)
  • Dead lift squats(no weights, 20 times for each leg, SL touch floor)
  • Switch grip pull-ups(2 pull ups then switch grip)
  • Three way lunges(side ways, 45, straight in front, kick after each lunge, 5 sets each leg)
  • Sneaky lunge(lunges on your toes)(20 reps)
  • Reverse grip chin-ups
  • Chair salutations(wall sit minus the wall, with arms straight up and knees together-30 seconds,
  • two times)
  • Toe roll iso lunges(20 reps each side)(exaggerated lunge position and roll forward on toe)
  • Wide front pull-ups
  • Groucho walk(45 seconds)(wide stance squat and walk fwd 4 steps, bwd 4 steps)
  • Calf raises(15 slow, 10 fast-toes out, toes forward, toes in)
  • Close grip overhand pull-ups
  • 80-20 siebers speed squats(80 percent of weight on forward leg, 20 on back leg, 30 reps for each
  • side)
  • Switch grip pull ups
aaaaand, for the perfect
 post workout.....yummy chocolate protein. Ive never found a protein I actually like to drink straight, they usually always taste like complete crap. I usually just would make smoothies, but this chocolate hydro builder is amazing! It tastes like a chocolate brownie! Hydrowhey is a protein thats already hydrolyzed and its easier to break down in your stomach, which is nice for me. Im a personal trainer and have a client tonight so when I dont have time to eat a real meal right after my workout I pull out the protein :) and I cant wait to get home and get the rest of my meal :)

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