Sunday, March 10, 2013

8 minutes to a 6-pack

 This is done tabata style, 50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest, for 8 minutes. Its HARD, trust me, your abs are going to be BURNING after this, but push through the pain, it feels soooo good afterwards

50 sec work, 10 sec rest

  •  Jumping Jack Plank 
    • Plank position on forearms, jump feet in and out like a jumping jack 
  • Heel Tap Abs 
    • tap heels together while performing straight leg raises
  • Toe Touches
    • lying on you back, legs straight up in the air, try to touch your toes
  •  Hip Twist
    •  straight legs up with hips off floor, twists hips laterally
  • Frogger
    • plank on hands, jump feet up to besides hands and then back
  •  Side Plank with Elbow Twist (right)
    •  hand behind head, touch elbow to ground
  •   Side Plank with Elbow Twist (left)
  •   Pendulum Abs
    • downward dog position, swing legs out laterally back and forth like a pendulum

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